6 Tips for Launching a 24/7 Linear Channel From Next OTT Founder George Rausch

”Just because there is technology to ‘make a linear channel’ does not mean that a multi-tool, or one-size fits all solution is going to offer the best-in-class option for ad sales,“ Next OTT founder George Rausch says

To launch a 24/7 digital channel or not to launch a 24/7 digital channel, that is the question. In a world where online video consumption is exploding and cable subscribers are dwindling, content creators are exploring old methods — linear channels — in new environments such as OTT.

And with today’s technology, a company doesn’t need to be Comcast to launch a channel. However, companies that go down that path should be prepared for a unique set of obstacles: bandwidth costs, producing enough content to fill a 24/7 block and monetization can become a big headache.

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