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Laura Ingraham Gets Trolled by Her Own Guest: ‘Where’s Your Sponsors?’

Guest Enrique Morones mocks Ingraham with the sponsor boycott that has seen more than two dozen advertisers drop from the show

Things got ugly on the set of the “Ingraham Angle” Wednesday evening when a show guest taunted Laura Ingraham to her face  about the advertiser boycott currently plaguing her program.

“Where’s your sponsors? David Hogg got rid of half of them,” mocked Enrique Morones of Border Angels, an immigrant-rights group.

“A high school kid shut you down,” he added.

“Poor Enrique is trying to make waves,” said a visibly annoyed Ingraham, who promptly booted Morones from the set.

The moment was precipitated by Ingraham’s blasting of Morones for being rude to another guest. With Morones off the show, the Fox News host was left alone with John Cox, a GOP candidate for governor of California — and did her best to disarm the Morones affair.

“It’s very important for people watching the show tonight to understand that what just happened with a rabid pro-illegal immigration activist — and he is that. But, we still invited him on, because it’s fun to have a spirited debate. But what you just saw is what we talked about on Monday of a week ago, which was the attempt of the left to demonize those with whom they disagree,” Ingraham said.

“We didn’t demonize Mr. Morones,” she added. “They go personal because they’re losing on the facts.”

The advertiser boycott is a sensitive issue for Ingraham, whose show has hemorrhaged more than two dozen sponsors since she mocked Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg for not getting accepted to a number of universities he had applied to.

Though some advertisers have returned — the show has been running with noticeably fewer commercials, since Ingraham returned from a vacation two weeks ago.