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Laura Ingraham Sidesteps Advertiser Boycott on First Show Back From Vacation (Video)

”Did anything happen while I was gone?“ Fox News host jokes

In her first appearance on Fox News since taking a previously unannounced vacation, Laura Ingraham didn’t directly mention the advertiser boycott campaign that, so far, has cut ad time on “The Ingraham Angle” roughly in half.

Instead, she joked to fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity at the top of her show: “Did anything happen while I was gone? … I’m glad I don’t have a Google alert on my own name, that’s all I can say.”

“Did you see what I said to every fill-in host?” Hannity asked. “Don’t get comfortable, Laura will be back on Monday.”

Ingraham left during a boycott campaign started by Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg on March 28, after Ingraham accused Hogg of “whining” over his rejection by several California colleges.

Hogg called on people to target Ingraham’s advertisers I  response, and Ingraham later apologized on Twitter, saying anyone would be proud of Hogg’s GPA, a 4.2.

Ingraham didn’t mention the Hogg dispute on her March 29 or March 30 shows, but on March 30, she announced she was taking a week off for what she called an Easter vacation with her family.

Fox News told TheWrap that the vacation was pre-scheduled.

As of Monday night, the campaign targeting Ingraham’s show has prompted at least 20 advertisers to drop sponsorship.