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Laverne Cox Wants GOP Senators to Stop ‘Man-terrupting’ Kamala Harris (Video)

”I love the Senator, and I would love if they could just not interrupt her!“

Laverne Cox has a lot of feelings about the recent spate of “man-terruptions” that Senator Kamala Harris has endured from her male GOP colleagues.

The “Orange Is the New Black” star appeared on ABC’s “The View” on Friday to weigh in on the matter, saying, “None of the dudes were interrupted.”

On June 7, during the Senate Intelligence Committee’s questioning into possible Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Sen. Harris (D-Calif.) was told to pipe down by two male Republican Senators, who interrupted her on the Senate floor.

In another exchange just days later, Harris was noted to have been interrupted again by her fellow Republican senators as she pressed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for answers during his testimony over his ties to Russia.

Needless to say, the latest Senate-floor “man-terruption” (coined by “View” host Sara Haines) didn’t sit well with Cox. “I think it’s really interesting that, two weeks in a row, she was interrupted,” said the transgender star. “None of the dudes were interrupted, first of all. And I think it’s really important to note that last week, she asked one of the most important questions: ‘Would you fire this special prosecutor?'”

Cox, an award-winning producer and actress, also noted how male politicians filibustered Harris’ straightforward yes-or-no question. She summed up her feelings by saying, “I love the Senator, and I would love if they could just not interrupt her!”

For the remainder of the show, Cox went on to discuss the latest season of “OITNB” and President Trump’s failure to acknowledge June as Pride Month.

Watch the full video above.