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Stephen Colbert Debuts the Latest ‘Law & Order’ Spinoff, All About Impeaching Trump (Video)


Who says CBS and NBC can’t work well together toward a common goal? On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show” supplied Dick Wolf with his latest “Law & Order” spinoff concept. Yeah, it’s all about impeaching Donald Trump.

Colbert’s writing staff even took care of the voiceover for the newest take on the old — but still successful — I.P.

In the “Late Show” cold open, the V.O. artist had a bit of difficulty staying cool and impartial while recording audio for the “Law & Order: Impeachment Unit” cold open, however.

Take 1: “In the impeachment system, democracy is represented by two separate yet equally important groups: The House, which impeaches, and the Senate, which seems OK with the president sending angry mobs to murder them.”

Take 2: “In the impeachment system, democracy is the House, which has a solid case, and the Senate, which says you can’t impeach because he’s not in office anymore. But they did impeach him while he was in office…”

Take 3: “…those who accept fact as reality and those who believe in Jewish space lasers.”

This spinoff was then spun off once more into “Law & Order: Free Britney Unit.”

Watch Tuesday’s cold open via the video above.

The actual (second) impeachment trial of former president Donald J. Trump started earlier in the day on Tuesday. By most accounts, it didn’t get off to a great start for the defense.

One of the best accounts came from Colbert competitor Jimmy Kimmel.

“Two Trump lawyers spoke today. Bruce Castor Jr., the former district attorney who famously declined to prosecute Bill Cosby, and David Schoen, who famously repped Jeffrey Epstein, formed the dynamic duo he hired to suck all the oxygen out of the room,” Kimmel said, before focuing on Castor.

“Castor was the worst. He spent 15 minutes just flattering the senators. Watching this guy go was like a Seinfeld routine without the punchlines.”