‘Law & Order: SVU’ Occupy Wall St. Set Overtaken by Real OWS Protestors (Video)

A "Law & Order: SVU" Zuccotti Park mock-up set is shut down by the NYPD

The show famous for ripping storylines from the headlines became one, as a "Law & Order: SVU" set mocked up to look like the Occupy Wall Street camp at Zuccotti Park was infiltrated by real OWS-ers Friday morning.

The NBC legal drama — the last one standing from the once-thriving "Law & Order" franchise — was scheduled to film on the "Mockupy" Wall Street set that had been created in downtown New York City, near the State Supreme Court building where "L&O" shows have frequently filmed.

But around midnight, actual Occupy Wall Street protestors popped up at the recreation of their old stomping (and sleeping, eating, reading, and drum circle-ing) grounds and began to walk through the set, poking fun at what they saw as an attempt by the TV show to capitalize on their protests.

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Protestors danced, waved flags, poked through the library and kitchen elements of the set and, the New York Times reports, even crawled inside tents, despite objections from people guarding the "L&O" production.

"We thought we would bring some extras down and add some reality to this show," Brooklyn protestor Aaron Black told the Times. "Why should they be able to put tents up in a public park when we are unable to do that?"

NYPD officers were called to the scene, and a police commander announced the show's set permit had been rescinded.

After a brief stand-off with NYPD, the protestors disbursed to a nearby fountain and held a meeting, while "Law & Order" production company employees broke down the faux Zuccotti Park.

Check out a YouTube video of the incident below, which includes protestors' proclamation that "Occupy Wall Street is not for sale":