Leah Remini Felt ‘Superior’ to Tom Cruise as a Scientologist

“The King of Queens” star says she was supremely versed in the religion that she eventually abandoned and trashed

Leah Remini dancing with the stars host season 19 scientology

Actress Leah Remini, who’s recently been opening up about her high-profile split from Scientology, offered further insight into her experience with the religion during Howard Stern’s radio show on Tuesday.

During the interview, Remini admitted that she has nowhere near the star power of Scientology’s most famous member, Tom Cruise, but opined that she felt “superior” to Cruise as a member of the church at times.

“I never compare myself to Tom Cruise. He’s a superstar. Can’t take that away,” Remini told Stern. “But as Scientologists, I felt we were on the same level. If not, I felt a little bit more superior in certain areas.”

Remini went on to detail how she kept up on the latest tapes and books that adherence to Scientology entails.

“To me, I was superior that way, and then I knew policy, because I’m very like, ‘Per this,’” Remini said.

The actress, perhaps best known for the sitcom “The King of Queens,” admitted that, in her early days in Scientology, she picked up on the fact that she wasn’t top tier.

“The way it’s set up, the Celebrity Center, it’s set up for the artist … Here you are, you go to this beautiful building. When they bring you lunch, it’s on the tray, they have beautiful restaurants,” Remini said. “But then I realize, ‘Oh, I’m not even in the right part of the Celebrity Center yet. There’s another part!’”