LeBron James Stars in New Intel Ad for Driverless Cars – Which Aren’t Actually for Sale

“Yo, I’m keeping this,” NBA star says

LeBron James is now kind of like Elon Musk if he we’re 6-foot-9 and had a jump shot.

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is featured in a new Intel ad aiming to get consumers more comfortable with driverless cars — even before they’ve officially hit the road.

James, sporting a remarkably dense beard, hesitantly jumps into an unbranded driverless car before being won over and declaring “yo, I’m keeping this.”

Unfortunately, if you like the car, too, you’re out of luck: It’s not on the market, yet.

The campaign, titled “Fearless,” might be pushing the LeBron’s-not-afraid-of-anything angle a bit far, though.

Anyone with a mild understanding of driverless cars knows they’re already much safer than having humans behind the wheel.

Tesla chief exec has been shouting this out on the front lines of the driverless car brigade. With his electric car company pushing to make all vehicles autonomous within the next decade, Musk has said skeptics are essentially “killing people.”

Other tech and auto heavyweights are turning to the technology as well. Intel purchased Mobileye, an Israeli tech company, for $15 billion earlier this year, aiming to bolster its move into autonomous cars.

The LeBron James ad might be a sign of things to come, too; the company wanted to have 100 self-driving cars ready to go by the end of 2017.

Until then, tech fanboys can geek out watching James take a quick driverless ride.