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‘Legion’ Co-Star Katie Aselton on ‘Ultimate Evil’ We Haven’t Seen Yet (Video)

The question is, will the FX series’ as-yet unseen new villain be a real person, or only exist in David’s head?

“Legion” star Katie Aselton dropped a bombshell when she visited TheWrap this week: FX’s reality-bending superhero show has another villain waiting in the wings.

Aselton discussed the story of her character, Amy Haller, so far in the show. Amy is the sister of protagonist David (Dan Stevens). In Episode 2, she was kidnapped by the nefarious Division 3, a government outfit hunting powerful mutants like David.

She also mentioned that Division 3 isn’t the only thing David and his mutant pals have to worry about.

“As far as my character’s concerned, what we’ve seen thus far is, I have now become a pawn for Division 3. That’s like the government, the bad guys,” Aselton said. “But then there’s like an ultimate evil — worse than bad guys. So you’ll meet that ultimate evil and see what that guy’s up to.”

Currently, the primary villains of “Legion” are a scary man called “The Eye” (Mackenzie Gray) and Brubaker (David Selby), who apparently leads Division 3. But David also has villains that seem to exist in his mind. For a start, there’s the Devil with the Yellow Eyes, a frightening creature that haunts David.

In the Marvel comics that inspired the show, David is an anti-hero with villainous qualities, thanks to the multiple personalities — not all of whom are good — vying for control of his body.

Could the “ultimate evil” Aselton hints at be David himself, or a personality we haven’t seen yet?

In any event, Aselton said that David’s current quest to save Amy won’t necessarily solve all of the show’s first-season conflicts.

“So I’m being used as a pawn. David wants to save me. …That doesn’t mean that that’s going to fix everything,” she said.

Aselton also noted that “Legion” has more in store for viewers outside of her character’s arc. Characters that have only just been introduced, or have only been hinted at so far, will get a larger role in upcoming episodes.

“We continue to have incredible actors come in playing incredible roles,” she said. “Jemaine Clement comes in and he’s just like a god. And you get to see more of Bill Irwin (who plays Cary Loudermilk), who you just got introduced to in the second episode, and he is just a dream.”

We’ve known since New York Comic-Con last year that Clement was part of the cast — but just what his role will be in the future isn’t quite clear yet.