Lego’s ‘Hero Factory’ May Get Live-Action Treatment at Universal

Studio negotiating for rights to make film based on toymaker's "Hero Factory" line. Film 360 and Marc Gordon would produce

Universal wants to bring Legos to the big screen.

The studio is in negotiations to acquire the rights to Lego’s “Hero Factory” line of toys for Film 360 and the Mark Gordon Company to produce.

Michael Finch and Alex Litvak, who co-wrote “Predators” for Fox, would write the script. Ben Forkner and Dean Schnider would produce for Film 360 while Mark Gordon and Bryan Zuriff would produce for the Mark Gordon Company.

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Kristin Lowe and Sara Scott would oversee the movie for Universal, which just released a different movie based on a children’s toy in “Battleship.”

Toys have become popular fodder for films from Paramount’s “Transformers” franchise to the “Candyland” movie in development at Sony.

Warner Bros. has had a Lego-based movie in development since 2008 and back in April it announced the movie would open in February of 2014.

That movie is different in that it will be a CGI-animated feature. The Universal project will be a live-action adaption.