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Lena Dunham Directs Bleachers Boyfriend Jack Antonoff’s Wacky Music Video (Video)

Hopefully if the couple ever decides to get married, it won’t look like this

Lena Dunham and Bleachers front man Jack Antonoff famously said once that they would only get married when gay couples were legally allowed to do so in the United States, so the new music video for the Bleachers song “Don’t Take the Money” looks familiar.

Dunham, who recently wrapped up the final season of her HBO show “Girls,” directed the music video, which features Antonoff getting married to a mysterious woman who doesn’t speak English in a bejeweled, sparsely attended wedding.

Alia Shawkat, best known for “Search Party” and “Arrested Development,” officiates — or attempts to. In the beginning of the video, she questions Antonoff’s reasoning for tying the knot with somebody who can’t speak English. She then proceeds over the ceremony with what looks like a New Jersey travel guide.

The video definitely has Dunham’s trademark dry sense of humor, but also shines (literally) with jewels, bright colors, and even more bright imagery. This is all in contrast to the character who appears at the end to stop the wedding.

Hopefully if Dunham and Antonoff ever decide to tie the knot, their wedding won’t be such a disaster.

“Don’t Take the Money” is a single off the Bleachers’ latest album “Gone Now,” which is out June 2.

Watch the full video above.