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Lena Dunham Fights Body-Shamers With Nearly Nude Instagram Pic (Photo)

”Girls“ star shows off her tattoos while ”laying out like a Suicide Girl circa 2004“

As any fan of “Girls” will tell you, Lena Dunham isn’t afraid to put her nude body in front of a camera. On Thursday, she did it again with a photo on Instagram where she wore nothing but a few well-placed emojis to promote body positivity.

“I spent so many years loving my body but thinking it wasn’t lovable by others,” Dunham wrote.  “Its sole purpose was to be fodder for jokes. I performed the insult so no one else could.”

“I don’t regret any of it- that’s my art and that was my truth- but now, at age 31, having been through hell and back with my health and other people’s perceptions of my physicality, I feel deeply comfortable with the idea that this pear-shaped pot of honey is equally good for making people laugh and laying out like a Suicide Girl circa 2004. Love it all.”

Dunham was hospitalized shortly after last month’s Met Gala in New York City due to endometriosis, a condition Dunham has publicly discussed dealing with during her run on “Girls.” Following her hospitalization, she cancelled her speaking tour to recover.