Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath Shakes Up the ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Writers Room (Video)

Like seemingly all of the “Girls” character’s jobs, this one isn’t going to work out for the HBO protagonist

Hannah Horvath Late Night Seth Meyers

“Late Night With Seth Meyers” hired a new writer on Wednesday: Lena Dunham‘s “Girls” character Hannah Horvath.

“I know I’m new and you probably see me as a threat to your fragile writers room ecosystem, but not to worry — I’m easy-going and I’m not at all judgmental, so bring on the dick jokes,” Hannah opened.

Her introduction got way dirtier from there — and more insulting.

“I’m just excited to be here and get this show out of its incredible funk,” she told her new boss.

Hannah’s first pitch was a segment called “Would You Masturbate to This?” There would be several more masturbation mentions afterward, and — once again — it got way dirtier from there.

Horvath then snapped at the men in the room and even sprinkled in a little anti-Semitic bagel humor, before pausing to video-chat with Allison Williams‘ Marnie — all still during the first few minutes of her initial staff meeting.

The constantly employed/unemployed HBO character’s final pitch saw Seth playing a 24-year-old girl in Brooklyn who gets choked out by Fred Armisen during sex.

Hannah promptly quit after that one wasn’t well received either.

Watch the video: