Leno: I Got ‘Screwed’ By NBC, But It’s OK

The host of “The Tonight Show” say he and Conan were both treated poorly by the network — but their big paydays make it OK

Jay Leno thinks he was "screwed" by NBC.

Speaking to HLN’s Joy Behar Tuesday backstage at "The Tonight Show," Leno claims both he and Conan "got screwed" by the network. This, even though NBC gave Leno back "Tonight" after he failed as host of a primetime show.

"Conan was treated terribly and I was treated terribly," Leno said.

Leno made it clear he’s not whining about the situation, calling it par for the course in Hollywood and explaining that big salaries make it OK to get screwed.

The Leno-Behar mini-chat is in the middle of this too-long video blog from Behar.