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Leslie Grossman Shares Her Idea for a Future Season of ‘American Horror Story’ (Video)

“People who don’t have a conscience, who have no problem doing terrible things to people, that’s scary,” the “AHS: Apocalypse” star tells TheWrap

Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” has touched on everything from cults, freak shows, asylums and now the anti-Christ. But “Apocalypse” star Leslie Grossman, who plays the hilarious Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt in the new season, has her own terrifying idea for a future season to explore.

“Anything with serial killers. That’s very, very scary,” Grossman told TheWrap’s Beatrice Verhoeven. “Things about serial killers are pretty terrifying. People who don’t have a conscience, who have no problem doing terrible things to other people, that’s scary.”

Grossman acknowledged that the show touched on some angles of serial killers in last season’s “Cult” with Charles Manson, but that the strength of a show like “AHS” is that the show has so many layers to be unpacked and directions it can take.

Speaking of, Grossman said that there’s a lot more to learn about her character Coco. We previously learned that Coco is a witch, and Grossman has said that she based her character in part off “Real Housewives” star Tinsley Mortimer, imagining “an adult woman who is living like a child.”

“There were a couple of scenes where we were really crying. They really touched us, and they’re really lovely,” Grossman said. “There’s going to be awesome, witchy fun stuff coming up.”

Part of the appeal of this latest season is the return of so many characters from previous seasons, and Grossman says “Apocalypse” has much more to offer in this regard.

“There’s a sisterhood. It’s all about that great female empowerment and about how strong we are when we all work together as a group,” Grossman said. “You will see how strong and fierce and credible that group of women are together, how they support each other and lift each other up and together they’re more stronger than the individual.”

So will we see Grossman’s nightmare of a serial killer “AHS” in a future season? Maybe if she brings it up to Ryan Murphy.

“I’m sure he’s dying to hear my pitches,” Grossman joked.

“AHS: Apocalypse” is on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.