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Leslie Jones Coins ‘Bran Face,’ Interrogates Varys From ‘Game of Thrones’ (Video)

The comedian joined Seth Meyers on ”Late Night“ to watch the latest episode

What’s more fun than watching “Game of Thrones?” Watching the HBO hit with friends.

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers brought on his friend, fellow comedian and “Saturday Night Live” star Leslie Jones, onto the show to watch the latest episode with him in a segment called “Game of Jones.”

Meyers has brought Jones on to the show before. Each segment is relatively the same — with Jones shouting and making jokes over a “Game of Thrones” episode and Meyers sitting next to her sometimes unable to contain his laughter.

In this episode, which recaps Episode 4 of Season 7 (so spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet), Meyers recounts some of Jones’ more controversial points of view. For example, she would still have sex with Littlefinger, but she’d have to watch him the entire time.

But because so much has happened since the last “Game of Jones” — which took place during Season 6 — we have more Leslie-isms to deal with. We’re definitely going to add “Bran Face” — when somebody looks at you like Bran looks at everybody nowadays — to our lexicon. She also refers to the White Walkers as the “blue-eyed devils” in a bit that sends both of them into hysterics.

The sketch, however, isn’t just two friends having fun with “Game of Thrones.” It requires a special late-night twist. That’s when Conleth Hill, who plays the spider Varys, shows up as Meyers is asking Jones about her Varys opinions. Hill gives Jones a taste of his mind after she hugs him but also accuses him of backstabbing Daenerys.

Watch the full video above.