Leslie Jones Nude Photo Hack: Support Pours Out on Twitter

Private information and photos leak onto the “Saturday Night Live” star’s very own website

Leslie Jones has yet to comment on her website being horrifically vandalized by hackers on Wednesday, but there’s no shortage of strangers sending messages of support on Twitter.

People commenting on the invasion of privacy are using words like “disgusting,” “despicable” and “horrible” to describe the incident, resulting in nude photos and private information — including the “Ghostbusters” star’s driver’s license and passport — surfacing on her own website.

The site, which has already been taken down, also featured a video of the gorilla Harambe, an animal killed at an Ohio zoo earlier this year. Jones was the victim of repeated racist harassment online leading up to the release of “Ghostbusters”, with some Twitter users comparing her to Harambe.

Jones is a celebrated comedian with a lengthy background in stand up. She has been a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” since 2013. In addition to “Ghostbusters,” she also recently appeared in the Amy Schumer blockbuster “Trainwreck.”

See some of the supportive tweets below.