Less Than 40% of Americans Want to Ban TikTok, New Survey Finds

President Trump has threatened to jettison the popular video app because of national security concerns but lacks support

Only 36% of Americans want to see TikTok banned from the U.S., according to new survey results released on Thursday. The results come as President Trump said he would ban the popular video app, which is owned by Beijing-based Bytedance, next month if it’s unable to be sold to an American company.

More than 30,400 people were polled as part of the survey from Piplsay, a market research firm. Most notably, the polling found a stark divide between what Millennials and Gen Z’ers felt about the potential ban, with 61% of Millennials polled saying they support banning TikTok, compared to 39% of Gen Z’ers.

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Sean Burch

Tech reporter • sean.burch@thewrap.com • @SeanB44