Lewis Black on Whitney Houston Death Coverage: Hours of Terrible Song Puns (Video)

Black was most outraged at the murder storyline Nancy Grace — "CNN's resident hearse chaser" — tried to suggest

Lewis Black gave his review of media coverage of Whitney Houston's death on Tuesday's "Daily Show," and, not surprisingly, it was puns riffing off Houston's songs and Nancy Grace's attempt to spark a murder mystery story that got his dander up the most.

Of the many "I Will Always Love You" and "Bodyguard" puns used by broadcast media players during coverage of Houston's death, Black said, "Hey assholes! Someone died! Can we cool it with the word play? When Cronkite announced the death of JFK, it wasn't with a clever 'Ask not, who got shot in Dallas today!'"

Of Grace's pondering about what drugs Houston might have had in her system, who might have given them to her and who might have pushed her under the water in her death bathtub, Black snarkily suggested he knew who the culprits were.

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"Of course! She was pushed underwater! And I know who did it! The Duke lacrosse team! It's the only possible explanation for someone dying after years of drug addiction!"

Watch the comedian's "Back in Black" segment: