Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Hot Ones’ Interview Is One Long Diss on DJ Khaled – Who Failed to Get Past Wing 3 (Video)

Capaldi also name dropped Ed Sheeran, Jenna Ortega and Jake Gyllenhaal

Lewis Capaldi went for the jugular in his jabs at DJ Khaled on “Hot Ones.”

The rapper famously threw a fit barely into the Wings of Death, refusing to continue after the third hot sauce in his interview. He was allowed to stay and finish the interview without eating the flaming wings, but Capaldi shared his thoughts on what should have happened.

He called Khaled’s interview “mental” and remarked that Evans still having to finish the wings while Khaled just sat and answered his questions “pretty wild.”

“You should’ve kicked DJ Khaled the f–k out of here,” he said after biting into the first and second wings. “And you should’ve said, ‘Listen, you.’”

Host Sean Evans jumped in to say “If you don’t finish your food…” with Capaldi finishing the sentence: “F–k off!”

After making it through the gauntlet, minus a few tears and a lot of sweat, Capaldi turned to the cameras and gave the “I’m the One” singer one last shoutout before the end of his interview.

“DJ Khaled, if you’re out there,” Capaldi began, flipping off the camera. “Eat my s–t.”

Capaldi prefaced the interview saying he had probably taken his last bearable s–t of the day, and he mused on whether or not Jake Gyllenhaal had also taken a dump at the “Hot Ones” headquarters.

He also mentioned Jenna Ortega twice, once when he first felt the spice on the fifth wing and later when he bit into Da Bomb sauce.

He cussed out Ed Sheeran after wing No. 4 which he cleaned, and after Evans brought up his friendship with Niall Horan, Capaldi got out a voice recording of Evans doing the “Hot Ones” intro for him when they met at a nightclub.

The pair talked music, Scottish past times and more, but First We Feast, which co-produces “Hot Ones,” had to correct the statement that Capaldi was the first Scottish person on the series later. Turns out Chef Gordon Ramsay actually holds that title.

Watch the full interview above.