Liam Neeson Cancels ‘Colbert’ Plans After Racial Assault Comments

“Cold Pursuit” actor was scheduled to appear on Friday’s show

Liam Neeson
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Liam Neeson has canceled his scheduled appearance on an upcoming episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” an individual with knowledge told TheWrap.

The cancellation comes after Neeson’s interview with The Independent on Monday, where he said that many years back he prowled the streets with a weapon hoping to come across a “black bastard” and seek revenge for his friend who had been raped.

Neeson was scheduled to appear on Friday’s show, and Glenn Close, Oscar-nominated for her work in “The Wife,” will now appear on Friday’s broadcast.

Reps for Neeson did not immediately respond for comment.

On Tuesday, Lionsgate canceled a red carpet event for the premiere of Neeson’s latest film, “Cold Pursuit.” An individual familiar with the matter said at the time that holding the event would’ve been inappropriate under the circumstances.

Neeson appeared on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday to apologize and said that he’s “not racist.”

“I went out deliberately into black areas in this city looking to be set upon so I could unleash physical violence. And I did it for maybe four or five times until I caught myself on, and it really shocked me, this primal urge I had. It shocked me and it hurt me. I did seek help,” Neeson said. “I’m not racist. This was nearly 40 years ago.”

Neeson was asked about the film’s themes of revenge during a junket interview when he revealed that he had a “primal urge” to seek revenge. He attributed his behavior in part to the tumultuous time during his upbringing in Northern Ireland where Protestants and Catholics were at war.

Lionsgate’s “Cold Pursuit” opens Friday on over 2,500 screens.