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Liam Neeson Uses His Iconic Voice to Give GPS Directions on Colbert (Video)

He is ”The Commuter“ after all

Liam Neeson stopped by Stephen Colbert’s set Monday night to promote his new film “The Commuter,” and the late night host used that as a jumping-off point to see what it would be like to replace the iconic actor’s voice with the automated one in your GPS.

Neeson told Colbert to “turn right” with compassion–“if you don’t want to turn right, turn left,” Neeson said in a soft cadence. He also menacingly urged Colbert to “merge ahead,” and frustratingly told him to pull a U-turn.

Neeson’s latest thriller sees the actor playing a commuter who is taking the train home and has to uncover another passenger’s identity — or risk the safety of his family. And if we learned anything from “Taken,” it’s that Neeson’s characters won’t stop at anything to keep his family safe.

Earlier in their interview, Neeson said he couldn’t believe that at 65 years old, he’s still getting paid to beat up bad guys.

Watch the full interview above.