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‘Life After Sacrifice': Phil Says He’s ‘Not Such an A–hole Anymore’ After Derren Brown Experiment (Exclusive Video)

”Derren Brown: Sacrifice“ subject updates TheWrap on his growth since the Netflix special

Phil, the sole subject of recent Netflix special “Derren Brown: Sacrifice,” says he’s no longer “such an a–hole” after the mind-twist of an experiment.

“I’m more attuned to other people: How they live, how they think, why they’re here,” Phil says in “Life After Sacrifice,” a followup on-camera interview that is exclusive to TheWrap. “I’m not such an a–hole anymore.”

“I think the only reason I was an a–hole before is because I was so closed off to everything else,” he continued. “I don’t feel like that anymore. I want to know other people’s stories.”

In Brown’s follow-up to “Miracle,” which was his follow-up to “The Push,” the mentalist tried to make a man with unfavorable feelings toward immigrants, Phil, take a bullet for a Mexican man who is in this country illegally — one who is a total stranger, for good measure.

Readers can find the “Sacrifice” trailer here. That link also contains our interview with Brown, who told us why he chose Phil for the wild and elaborate experiment.

What it does not contain are spoilers, so no worries about that.

Watch “Life After Sacrifice” via the video at the top of this post.

“Derren Brown: Sacrifice” is currently streaming on Netflix, as are several of his other specials.