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‘Life in Pieces’ EP Justin Adler Compares Colin Hanks, James Brolin Sitcom to ‘Looney Tunes’

TCA 2015: Cast and producers are all laughs as they discuss CBS’ new family series

The producers of upcoming CBS sitcom “Life in Pieces” drew upon some very animated inspiration for the show, with writer and executive producer Justin Adler comparing the series to “Looney Tunes” during its panel at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour in Los Angeles on Monday.

Adler said that while the series will be connected in subtle ways, it will be built around independent vignettes much like the popular Warner Bros. cartoons.

“We’re going to try to tell the stories as independently as possible, but what we’re able to do is make connections, little subtle connections, that we hope are going to be fun to pick up,” Adler said.

The comparison to the cartoon show seemed to be spot on, as the cast was all laughs during the panel. Even James Brolin, known for his serious roles in film and television, was cracking jokes onstage.

Likewise for “Breaking Bad” alum Betsy Brandt. When the producers revealed that most of the cast signed on after Colin Hanks came aboard, Brandt said, “I said I would still do it.”

The cast also praised the child actors on the show. “I constantly say we hit the jackpot with fake kids,” Brandt said. Giselle Eisenberg, who plays Brandt’s daughter on the show, was specifically cited for her professionalism, although Brandt did say, “She does give notes sometimes.”