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While Lifetime’s ‘Surviving Jeffrey Epstein’ Aired, Calls to National Sexual Assault Hotline Rose 34%

Docuseries featured the number for the hotline and other PSAs from RAINN

Calls to RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline went up 34% more than normal on Aug. 9-10, the days that Lifetime aired its four-part docuseries “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein.”

The docuseries investigates the billionaire New York financier who was accused of using his connections to the rich and famous to shield his predatory and abusive behavior with young girls. Featuring women who describe how Epstein lured underaged girls, the doc delves into the reality the survivors must now face in the wake of Epstein’s suicide behind bars.

The fourth and final episode of “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein” also covered the July 2 arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of assisting Epstein with his sex trafficking ring.

It also featured the number for the 24/7 hotline and other RAINN public service announcements.

“The Sunday and Monday that Surviving Jeffrey Epstein aired, RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline experienced a 34% increase in usage. We thank Lifetime Television for their partnership and are moved by the powerful impact that our work with the media continues to have in inspiring survivors to seek out the healing they deserve,” said RAINN president Scott Berkowitz.

“Providing a platform for these women to share their stories is just one piece of the puzzle. Being able to partner with RAINN to provide resources for others is incredibly rewarding, to help them move beyond being victims as they continue on their journey to become survivors,” said Kannie Yu LaPack, senior vice president of publicity and public affairs at Lifetime and LMN.

In addition to running the hotline, the anti-sexual violence organization also runs programs to prevent sexual violence, help survivors, and help organizations improve sexual assault prevention and response programs to “ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice.” You can reach the National Sexual Assault Hotline by dialing 800-656-4673. You can also get help by visiting online.rainn.org.