Lifetime’s ‘Bring It’ Delivers Miss D’s Best One-Liners in #DD4L Remix (Exclusive Video)

Get ready for your new summer jam courtesy of the cable channel’s sassy new dance coach and team

If you haven’t met Diana Williams aka Miss D, Lifetime’s new “Bring It” teaser is a nice little introduction.

TheWrap has the first look at the cable channel’s new teaser.

It encapsulates some of Miss D’s best one-liners as well as the amazing dance moves and sass that make her young teams the ones to beat. And did we mention the song is catchy?

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“Bring It,” currently in its first season, follows Miss D.’s majorette-hip hop dancers, the Dancing Dolls, as they compete each week in dance competitions. While Miss D. rules inside the Dollhouse studio, the girls’ mothers battle for supremacy among themselves outside the studio.

One of their favorite mantras during competition and to increase solidarity is #DD4L, which means Dancing Dolls for life.

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Watch the new teaser above.

“Bring It” airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.