Lil Tay’s Management Says She Controls Her Social Media Now

Her team also shares that the photos and videos taken of her at LAX are real. She plans to go on Instagram Live on Saturday

Lily Tay (Instagram)

Lil Tay’s management said the social media account of internet personality Tay “Lil Tay” Tian is being managed completely by her.

“The posts coming from Lil Tay’s social media accounts this week are in fact her doing, and videos of her at the airport are real,” the management for Tian said in an email sent to TheWrap on Thursday.

The statement came after Tian reportedly hadn’t been seen in five years, since 2018. Photos and video clips of Tian of her at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday were posted online on Thursday. Tian was seen with her mother, Angela Tian, and her brother, Jason Tian. The 16-year-old was dressed in a black hoodie, a mask and sunglasses.

In the message, Tian’s management acknowledged the series of recent events that involved Tian, including her accusing her father Christopher Hope of orchestrating her fake death back in August. It also addressed the reason for Tian’s public absence and clarified that she is in fact the owner and operator of her social media accounts and that the photos of her at the airport were real.

“In light of recent events, we want to be transparent and cooperative with everyone to avoid false information and inaccurate reporting,” Tian’s management continued. “Lil Tay’s court battle with her absentee father is over. It has taken a toll on her mental well-being and impacted her financially, as her father has still not paid substantial expenses ordered by the court.”

The statement went on: “Her return to Los Angeles is a huge step in the right direction and she can now pursue her career on her terms and start a new life. She has full control over her social media accounts now and is excited to share who she really is. She has full control over her social media accounts now and is excited to share who she really is.”

On Tuesday, Tian posted a photo of her passport to Instagram, signaling that she might be traveling outside of the country. She also made posts, claiming that her father was racist, misogynistic and physically abusive. Hope has since denied that accusations.

Her latest post on Instagram was on Thursday, on which she shared she would be doing an Instagram Live on Saturday at 3 p.m. EST.


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