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Snapchat Unleashes New Tools: Limitless Views, Magic Eraser, Loop

New features include ”infinity“ timer setting

On the eve of its first earnings report, Snap announced several new features for Snapchat users to enjoy, including the “infinity” timer setting — which allows your friends to see your Snap pic or video as long as they’d like.

The “limitless Snap” option allows recipients to view a message without having to deal with the “frustration” of repeatedly replaying it, the company mentioned in its release. Still, “after your friend finishes viewing the Snap and taps to close it, it will delete as usual.”

Snap also came out with a few nifty tools for users to edit their photos with:

The “Magic Eraser,” located under the Scissor icon, lets you paint over a portion of your picture you’d like to have removed, a la Photoshop.

The “Loop” tool gives you the opportunity to have your videos play over-and-over, until your friend is ready for the next Snap.

And lastly, you can now draw with emojis by using the creative tools on the right, for those of you who’ve been eagerly looking to spell your name in cursive with smiley faces.

If Evan Spiegel would like to loop tomorrow’s earnings call for those of us writing about it, it’d be much appreciated.

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