Limos v. Escalades: Can’t We All Live Together?

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to establish some ground rules on the streets of Hollywood

Given the economy these days, most limo drivers know how it must have felt to survive the Irish Potato Famine.

That’s how bad things have been in Hollywood. It got so ugly that I heard one executive say, “I wouldn’t be caught dead taking a limo,” because it looked bad for his image.

I hope I never live to see the day when America stops taking limos, because then I’ll know for sure this isn’t the country I grew up in. No group of people should be threatened with the kind of marginalization we limo drivers have been facing since capitalism tanked.

There’s a lot of angry talk back and forth between limo drivers and guys who drive those black Navigators and Escalades, which you see a lot of celebrities getting driven around in lately.

I agree those drivers are taking the bread from the mouths of decent, hard-working limo drivers who are the backbone of America. But kicking in the door panels on every Escalade or Navigator that tries to cut in on a limo driver’s livelihood isn’t the answer.

It’s Awards Season now. And every Awards Season spreads hope in the homes of the best limo drivers in the world.

When we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, let’s remember to offer thanks that Hollywood actors, producers, executives and so many other talented artists turned out enough good movies this year to ensure that so many awards would have to be given out they would need more and more ceremonies to do it.

For such bounty, speaking for all limo drivers everywhere, let us be grateful.