Lin Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lopez Perform ‘Love Makes the World Go Round’ on ‘Today’ (Video)

“Hate, anger, that’s not going to get us anywhere,” JLo tells audience filled with survivors and family members of victims from Orlando nightclub shooting

Jennifer Lopez and Lin Manuel Miranda performed their new song “Love Makes the World Go Round” on NBC’s “Today” show to honor the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

The duo sang the song to an audience filled with 50 survivors and victims’ family members. Lopez kicked off the show in an all white outfit standing on a video screen with moving graphics like hearts and a rainbow colored world.

The song started off with an excerpt from Miranda’s speech at the Tony’s last month. “Love is love is love is love is love,” but he didn’t join JLo on stage until midway through the song to rap his part — also in an all white outfit.

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JLo had the song for a while, but felt that now was the right time to release it to preach a message of love and hope after the tragedy in Orlando.

“When everything happened in Orlando I kind of heard it in a different way for the first time and I was like the world needs this,” said Lopez. “The world really needs the message of love being the answer. That’s what really matters and that’s what makes the world go round. Hate, anger, that’s not going to get us anywhere.”

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Watch the video below.

Every Late-Night Host's Reaction to Orlando Shooting (Video)
Jimmy Fallon: "Maybe there's a lesson from all this. A lesson in tolerance. We need to support each other's differences and worry less about our own opinions. Get back to debate and away from believing or supporting the idea that if someone doesn't live the way you want them to live, you just buy a gun and kill them. Bomb them up. That is not OK."
Seth Meyers: "So much, though, of the news right now is dominated by the horrific events in Orlando, the attack on the LGBTQ community there. And so, we decided we would try to address that and, in addressing it, maybe help us all process it a little bit more, because I don't know if we can ever fully understand it."
John Oliver: “As I’m sure you know by now, at least 50 people were killed by a gunman at a gay nightclub in what is being described as a terrorist attack. And look, it’s still early and details are still emerging, and right now, this just hurts. And the worst thing is this pain is so familiar.”
Stephen Colbert: "You know what a president, whoever it is, will probably say. You know what both sides of the political aisle will say. You know what gun manufacturers will say. Even me, with a silly show like this, you have some idea of what I will say. Because even I have talked about this when it has happened before. It's as if there's a national script that we have learned."
Samantha Bee: “What Paul Giamatti is to biopics, the highly profitable AR-15 is deadly mass shooting. Yes, I do want to take those guns away.”
Trevor Noah: "The saddest part is every time this happens, it feels like America has already decided. This is exactly the kind of country it wants to be. Because we know how this always plays out: We're shocked, we mourn, we change our profile pics, and we move on. It's become normal. I'm sorry. Maybe it's because I'm new, but it's not normal."
Conan O'Brien: “I am not a pundit, I am not an expert, and I’ve always made it my policy to stick to my job and keep my opinions to myself. I simply do not understand why anybody in this country is allowed to purchase and own a semiautomatic assault rifle, it makes no sense to me. These are weapons of war and they have no place in civilian life.”
James Corden: "On behalf of the whole theater community and every person in this room, our hearts go out to all of those affected by this atrocity. All we can say is that you’re not on your own right now. Your tragedy is our tragedy. Theater is a place where every race, creed, sexuality and gender is equal, is embraced, and is loved. Hate will never win. Together we have to make sure of that. "
Larry Wilmore: "Yeah, Donald, you were really ahead of the curve on the whole, 'terrorism is bad' thing. I mean, honestly, who brags about this?... It’s like your doctor saying, 'Yo, dude, I totally called it, you do have cancer.'"


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