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Linda Cardellini, While Sitting Next to Seth MacFarlane, Says She Was Fired From ‘Family Guy’ (Video)

”Family Guy“ creator offers a make-good, kind of

Well, that was an awkward late (late) night pairing. On Wednesday’s “Late Late Show,” Linda Cardellini told James Corden all about that time she was fired from “Family Guy.”

Making matters much more uncomfortable, she was sitting next to the Fox animated comedy’s creator Seth MacFarlane while telling the story.

It all started with this innocent setup: “You’d be a good voice on ‘Family Guy,'” Corden said to the “Bloodline” alum.

Oh no, no, no, no, no, James. That’s a sore subject.

“I did a voice on it, and I told everybody to, like, tune in and watch,” Cardellini replied. “And then when I watched it, I was replaced.”

“That’s worse than getting fired,” Corden opined.

MacFarlane tried to bury himself in the CBS talk show’s coffee mug.

“What would you do if when the show aired tonight it was me and James and Maya Rudolph?” MacFarlane quipped.

“In my defense, I have no recollection of anything past this morning,” MacFarlane said of the recasting.

Here’s what he eventually came up with, amends-wise: “I’ll say what I say whenever this happens: Can I offer you something on ‘American Dad’?”

Watch the video above.

“Family Guy” is in its 18th season. “American Dad” is actually not far behind, currently in Season 15.