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Lindsay Lohan Roasted on Twitter After Announcing Her New Show

”The Anti-Social Network,“ indeed

Maybe the prank’s on you, Lindsay Lohan.

“Freaky Friday” alum and ridicule magnet Lohan was raked over the coals on Twitter, after posting a teaser for her upcoming show, “The Anti-Social Network.”

“❤RT❤ if you are excited about my new show,” Lohan tweeted, along with a short video describing the show, in which Lohan promises to “hijack your social media” and put contestants through a series of prank-ish challenges.

Replies to Lohan’s tweet were pretty anti-social in themselves.

While Lohan did receive her share of supportive replies, nearly as many ran toward the unkind.

“@lindsaylohan I’m not,” read one reply, in apparent response to Lohan’s “if you are excited about my new show” message.

“@lindsaylohan Your tweets make me sad…,” another un-excited response went.

“I kind of am ok [with] the show idea not her lol,” wrote another detractor.

“@lindsaylohan what’s the opposite of a retweet?” one smart-aleck asked.

“@lindsaylohan you look 10 years older than you are from drinking and apparent drug addiction etc,” another critic wrote.

“@lindsaylohan are u 50?” a similarly themed response read.

“@lindsaylohan go back to where ever you came from! Nobody cares,” one bit of cruel advice offered.

“@lindsaylohan nope,” one particularly curt reply read.

“@lindsaylohan lol, this is the only job you can get,” yet another Lohan critic scoffed.

“The Anti-Social Network” is currently being shopped around to various networks and, if picked up, would mark Lohan’s first TV project since 2014’s OWN docuseries, “Lindsay.”