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Lindsay Lohan’s Hearing: Prosecutors, Probation Dept. Split on Actress’ Fate

With the oft-troubled ”Mean Girls“ star set to appear before a judge Wednesday morning, opinions are once again divided as to whether she should be locked up

If, at times, Lindsay Lohan doesn't seem like she knows if she's coming or going, rest assured — she's not the only one.

The oft-troubled "Mean Girls" star will make yet another appearance in court Wednesday morning for a hearing to determine if she violated her probation, and according to various reports, authorities are split as to what Lohan's fate should be.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office tells E! Online that it will argue that Lohan, 25, violated the terms of her probation when she was bounced from her community service at the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles for missing one too many appointments.

And that means, if Judge Stephanie Sautner agrees, that Lohan will be heading back to the pokey.

"It will up to the judge to make the determination whether or not she feels that Lindsay is in violation, and if she does, then they would set a probation violation hearing," City Attorney's spokesperson Frank Mateljan told E! Online.

But Lohan, who has had numerous tangles with the law in the past several years, may have a powerful ally in her attempt to remain a free woman.

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County Probation Department plans to stick up for the actress in court Wednesday, and will submit a report arguing that Lohan is in "substantial compliance" with her probation.

While admitting that the actress was pretty much a no-show at the Center, sources tell the web site that the department will stop short of recommending jail time for the actress. They will reportedly argue that Lohan still has a year to complete her 360 hours of community service, and that despite her lapses, she's still essentially on schedule to complete them.

Not surprisingly, Lohan's publicist leans toward the latter opinion. The actress' mouthpiece, Steve Honig, told E! that Lohan has been "plugging away" at working off her hours at other venues, and has worked faithfully to complete other aspects of her debt to society.

"Lindsay has been going to the Red Cross every day to perform her community service," Honig said. "Additionally, she has been working diligently to fulfill the other requirements of her probation, specifically therapy and completing the shoplifter's class."

Sounds like Judge Sautner will have a lot to mull over when the hearing begins at 10 a.m. Wednesday, though it's anybody's guess as to which side of the fence she'll settle on.

Check back tomorrow morning for the thrilling conclusion — TheWrap will be reporting live as the hearing occurs.