Listen to Snoop Lion’s ‘One Life to Live’ Theme, ‘Brand New Start’

The reggae artist will begin making cameo appearances on the recently revived soap opera on May 28

Snoop Dogg has made several cameo appearances on "One Life to Live," but the musician will make his first as Snoop Lion on Tuesday's episode. The guest spot will coincide with Snoop's debut of the theme song he recorded for the recently revived online soap opera.

Prospect Park-The Online Network released the brand new title track, aptly titled "Brand New Start," on Friday.

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Snoop has reinvented himself as a reggae artist since last appearing on the soap when it was broadcast on ABC. He documented his reinvention journey in the music doc "Reincarnated," which Snoop will be promoting during multiple cameo appearances on OLTL.

Snoop Lion's special appearances will air during new episodes, debuting Tuesdays and Thursdays through June 6.

Listen to the theme song, featuring singer IZA: