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Little Drummer Boy Would Now Like to Be Known as ‘Big Guitar Man,’ Please and Thank You (Video)

And the whole thing is not working for James Corden

The Little Drummer Boy grew up to be a pretty lousy musician — and kind of an a-hole.

On Thursday, James Corden found the Little Drummer Boy — yes,¬†the Little Drummer Boy — who apparently gave up the percussion instrument decades ago. These days, he prefers to shred on a six-string electric axe, and would like to be known as “Big Guitar Man,” please and thank you.

Corden was surprisingly patient and indulgent with the whole thing considering his guest pretty much ruined the entire manger/Christmas bit.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, the Big Guitar Man totally sucks at guitar. He also just ended up being a pretty messed up dude with a warped memory of those formative Bethlehem days.

And do NOT even get him started on the whole “Pa rum pum pum pum”¬†thing.

Watch the video above.

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