Little Jedi’s ‘Star Wars’ Tauntaun Costume May Have Already Won Halloween (Video)

And the Mom of the Year Award appears to already be spoken for

Sorry, other parents — you just lost out on any potential Best Mom and Best Dad of the Year awards. And kids, the Internet has already declared a Halloween costume winner, so just settle for something store-bought at this point.

YouTube video “A boy and his Tauntaun” has captured the web’s collective (and usually dark) heart, just in time for All Hallow’s Eve. The “Star Wars” costume is said to be “completely handmade,” per the description, which is quite a feat considering its quality and detail.

Watch the video above and prepare to be impressed — or at least, jealous, if your homemade childhood Halloween costumes came out anything like this writer’s.

The clip, uploaded by YouTube user Clint Case, depicts a young boy in Jedi garb riding the llama-like beast. Of course, the kid’s actual legs serve as the space-mammal’s hind ones, but the scale is pretty much perfect here.

The child’s apparent parents have him walk from one room to the other and back, with (probably) papa declaring, “It’s working pretty good.” We think so too, (likely) Clint.

“Is your Tauntaun drunk?” he asks when the youngster giddies it up and can’t maintain a straight line. Either way, everyone involved in this one deserves a champagne toast (you know, except the super-young kid, because that would be illegal).