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Liv Tyler Indulges Stephen Colbert’s ‘LOTR’ Fantasy – Don’t Worry, ‘It’s Safe for TV’ (Video)

She still knows her elvish, too

If you’ve never seen an episode of the “Late Show” that featured a “Lord of the Rings” alum as a guest, then you might not know just how much host Stephen Colbert likes to nerd-out over the franchise. And when Liv Tyler stopped by Thursday night, things went to a whole new level, as the actress — who played the elf Arwen in the epic fantasy flicks – agreed to indulge a long-time fantasy of his.

But don’t worry, kids, Colbert quickly assured the audience his request was “safe for TV.”

Tyler — who was actually there to talk about Season 2 of her Hulu series, “Harlots” — was accompanied by a prop from the “LOTR” films, which she allowed the late-night host to marvel at. (No, not her ears. She says those were prosthetic and actually melted when she left them in her car one time.)

“I brought something for you when I heard you were such a knowledgeable ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan,” Tyler said, before Colbert picked up her fancy blade. “Oh my God! Oh, wow this is Arwen’s sword! Unbelievable. May I?” he said, as he unsheathed the weapon.

Tyler explained the sword was a gift from filmmaker Peter Jackson that she’s had in her attic for 15 years. “It’s been in your attic?!? You don’t play with it all the time?!?” Colbert said, flabbergasted at the idea.

“Would you indulge in a fantasy of mine?” he questioned. “Maybe?” she responded. “It’s safe for TV!” he added, quickly.

Colbert then asked Tyler if she “remembers the elvish and all that.” Oh, good, she does. So he runs over and positions himself in her lap as she holds the blade and tells her he’s going to play Frodo to her Arwen, as he sets them up to act out one of the most iconic scenes from “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.”

“OK, so, the Lord of the Ring wraiths, the Lord of the Rings just said, ‘Surrender the halfling.’ OK?”

Tyler then raises the blade above her head and shouts, “If you want him, come and claim him!” And Colbert pretty much dies of joy.

Then she does it in the elvish too, which we aren’t even going to attempt to transcribe here because we can’t do Liv’s perfect delivery justice.

Tyler tells Colbert that real sword smiths made these for the film and it even has the writing on it. Sadly, he can’t read it. His Sindarin is “not what it should be.”

Watch the video above and see the original clip from “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” below.