This ‘Live PD’ Footrace Isn’t Much of a Race (Video)

Suspect drops his rifle case and runs

A&E’s “Live PD” has captured some crazy moments throughout the years. Now, we may have our fastest on-foot fugitive.

On the latest episode from Season 3, a black male suspect weirdly carrying a rifle case down the street in the late-night/early-morning hours is stopped by a Pasco County, Florida, police officer. When the cop confiscates the case and takes it back to his vehicle, the suspect slips off his slides and takes off.

For a guy in just socks, dude can scoot.

Try as he might to catch up, Dep. Justin Pullara has no chance — neither does the dude carrying the “Live PD” equipment. But hey, props to the cameraman for keeping pace with his ride-along host.

Back at the SUV, Pullara pulls out a pair of magazines for an AK-47 assault rifle and one drum mag for what we imagine would fit a Tommy Gun. They’re not illegal (for some insane reason), Pullara says, so there must have been another motivation for the suspect to rack up a (non-violent) resisting arrest charge.

Watch the video above.

“Live PD” airs Fridays and Saturdays at 9/8c on A&E.