Vimeo CTO on How Brands Can Avoid Livestream Fails: ‘You Can’t Just Put a Camera Somewhere’

5 Questions: ”The biggest misconception is probably that the audience will just show up,“ Vimeo chief tecnology officer Mark Kornfilt says

Live video streaming is more than just sports and news, says Vimeo’s Mark Kornfilt who explained to TheWrap that the two categories account for less than 20 percent of Vimeo’s livestream usage.

As current chief technology officer/chief product officer at Vimeo and former GM of live at the company, Kornfilt has spent a great deal of time working in the live video industry. In fact, it was Vimeo’s 2017 acquisition of Livestream, a livestreaming company he co-founded, that brought him to Vimeo, the world’s largest ad-free open video platform.

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