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CBS’ ‘Living Biblically’ Won’t Tackle Homosexuality in Season 1

TCA 2018: But misogyny in the Bible is Episode 8’s plot

CBS’ new sitcom “Living Biblically” is about a man (Jay R. Ferguson) who tries to live in accordance with the Bible’s teachings — but there are some places the series won’t go in Season 1.

For example, the Good Book’s bad words on homosexuality is “ideally a Season 2 episode,” executive producer Patrick Walsh said Saturday at the Television Critics Association press tour.

That doesn’t mean the show’s freshman run won’t tackle any of the more dated parts of the Bible. Misogyny is the plot of Episode 8, for one.

Producers Walsh and Johnny Galecki (“The Big Bang Theory”) promised TV critics that while Ferguson’s Chip character plans to live by the testaments, “there are things he won’t be doing.” After all, he’s still what they called “a modern man” living in a modern world.

So no, no one is gonna get stoned — or at least, not pegged with rocks. (This is still California, after all, and we now have legalized recreational marijuana. But that’s a whole different topic for a whole different story on a whole different show — See: “Disjointed,” perhaps.)

“Living Biblically,” the non-pot-related series we’re actually talking about right now, debuts Feb. 26 on CBS.