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This Is How the Shondaland Crossover Will Deal With Liza Weil’s Confusing Dual Roles

One actor can play many parts — but it would be tricky to pull off these two at the same time

(Minor spoilers if you haven’t watched any of “Scandal” or “How to Get Away With Murder,” in which case, what are you doing here?)

Liza Weil’s plays a dead person on “Scandal.” Well, Amanda Tanner, the White house intern she embodied, is no longer with the Gladiators. However, her “How to Get Away With Murder” alter ego, attorney Bonnie Winterbottom, is alive and well.

If you’re wondering how this will affect the Shondaland crossover on March 1 we have the answer: they are basically going to avoid the topic all together.

Weil will not appear in the “Scandal” episode of the crossover and won’t be coming near any “Scandal” characters during the “How to Get Away With Murder” half of things, an ABC spokesperson confirmed to TheWrap.

Yeah, we know, this is the simplest way to handle things. But we’re open to some crazy theories on how this could have gone down.

Entertainment Weekly was the first to report the news.

“Scandal” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC, followed by “How to Get Away With Murder” at 10 p.m. The crossover will air on March 1.