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‘Masters of Sex’ Star Lizzy Caplan Reveals Michael Sheen Vomited After Their First Intimate Scene (Video)

Emmy-nominated actress thought at the time, ”I’m a monster and anybody who touches me will immediately start vomiting“

Lizzy Caplan was eloquent and self-deprecating during her appearance on “Conan,” regaling in the not-so-fond memory of her first sex scene with Michael Sheen on “Masters of Sex.” To say it didn’t end well would be a gross understatement.

She admitted she was uncomfortable going into the scene, and that her hands were trembling. “I was scared, mainly because he was my friend at that point. I don’t generally conduct myself in that way with my friends,” she said. “Generally.”

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When Kaplan noticed that Sheen’s hands were shaking and clammy as well, she felt a little better. But as soon as the scene closed, her mood changed almost immediately. “They yell ‘Cut’ and he immediately walks over to a garbage can and throws up,” she recalled.

She later found out the vomiting was a result of food poisoning, but what was she to think at the time? “I thought it was a direct cause and effect situation,” she said. “My whole self-confidence plummeted to the ground and I realized that I’m a monster and anybody who touches me will immediately start vomiting and that’s just the way it’s going to be.”

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Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as Caplan has become a critical and fan favorite for her performance as Virginia Johnson in the Showtime drama. She’s nominated for an Emmy Award for her performance on the show.