Logan Paul Plays Victim Card After Viral Video Fail: ‘Ironically I’m Being Told to Commit Suicide Myself’

“I think parents should be monitoring what their children are watching more,” Paul tells “Good Morning America”

YouTube star Logan Paul spoke out Thursday about how his life has changed in recent days and said haters have been targeting him, including with demands that he commit suicide.

“Ironically, I am being told to commit suicide myself, millions of people literally telling me they hate me, to die in a fire,” he told Michael Strahan during an interview with Good Morning America. “It’s been tough.”

Paul, a YouTube influencer with more than 16 million subscribers, saw his career implode in recent weeks after he uploaded footage of a dead body which he filmed in Japan’s Aokigahara “suicide” forrest.

“The idea was to do just another fun vlog, go camp for a night and make an entertaining piece of content in a forest and things obviously changed pretty drastically and quickly,” said Paul. “I’m a good guy who made a bad decision.”

In his interview Strahan told Paul that he should consider the children watching his content even though Paul, who is 22, stressed that his content was not intended for children.

Paul then suggested to Strahan that the responsibility for policing content might be better served by parents rather than content creators.

“I think parents should be monitoring what their children are watching more,” said Paul. “Every parent I meet whose kids are under the age of 12, I go hey, ‘you let your kids watch my stuff?’”

You can watch the full video above.