‘Longmire’ Star Bailey Chase Praises Female Directors ‘Finally’ Getting a Voice (Video)

The actor’s new film, “Sex, Death and Bowling” is currently playing in limited theaters

Last Updated: December 1, 2015 @ 11:49 AM

Amid the debate about the lack of female directors in Hollywood, “Longmire” actor Bailey Chase is thankful that the problem is finally being addressed.

“Finally, that voice is starting to get heard,” the actor told TheWrap in an episode of “Drinking With the Stars” while promoting his new movie, “Sex, Death and Bowling.” “It’s like affirmative action, but for women in film, and long overdue.”

Chase plays bedridden Rick McAllister in the film that was directed by Ally Walker, who has acted in TV shows like “Longmire” with Chase and “Sons of Anarchy.” Knowing Walker acted before particularly enticed Chase to work with her on “Sex, Death and Bowling.”

“I personally love working with actors who have become directors, because we speak the same language,” he said. “It’s a beautiful story, a lot of it is autobiographical for her. She started telling me about her best friend, Rick, who went off to Iraq, and you know, I don’t want to ruin the movie, but it’s a little sad.”

Chase said that this role differed from his previous roles, laying in a bed for 12 hours as opposed to playing his usual “swaggering cowboy, detective roles.” His character, this time, got no action scenes, but that shouldn’t deter people from going to see the film that boasts a stellar line up like Adrian Grenier and Selma Blair.

“It’s a roller coaster of emotions, its fun, it’s sad, it’s based in life and it’s just a good story,” he added. “That’s why I go to the movies, to take a great journey — and there are some terrific actors in it.”

Watch the video above, and watch the film on iTunes and VOD starting Dec. 15.