A Look Back at Dana Carvey as George HW Bush: 7 Classic ‘SNL’ Sketches (Videos)

The oldest U.S. president, who died Friday at age 94, was a big fan of the comedian’s impression

dana carvey george hw bush

“President George Bush Talks About the White House Drug Problem” (1989)

Dana Carvey proved to be a gifted impressionist in his long run on “Saturday Night Live,” nailing the cadence of George H.W. Bush’s New England speaking voice, as seen in this sketch that runs through multiple issues of the late ’80s.

“George Bush on Support for the War in Iraq and Bombing” (1990)

You could be forgiven for thinking this sketch was about George W. Bush given the talk about war in Iraq.

“President George H. W. Bush’s Gift Ideas” (1991)

Toward the end of Bush’s presidency (and what he hoped would just be his first term — Carvey’s impression had become so embedded in the public consciousness that Bush himself started referencing it in a bid for public self-deprecation.

“George Bush on New Hampshire’s Super Tuesday Message” (1992)

After Bush beat Patrick Buchanan in a closer-than-expected New Hampshire primary after telling crowds, “Message: I care,” Carvey offered his own version reflecting voters’ discontent: “You’re pissed.”

“Christmas at the White House” (1992)

This sketch is not from “SNL” — but it is a sign of just how highly Bush regarded Carvey despite all the public mockery. Less than a month after losing his re-election bid in 1992, the president invited Carvey to do his impression at a White House Christmas event.

“George H. W. Bush Gives Debate Advice to George W. Bush” (2000)

When Texas Gov. George W. Bush mounted his own bid for the White House, Carvey reprised his role — opposite Will Ferrell.

“George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush Go Hunting” (2000)

The father-son advice didn’t stop after George W. Bush won the election, though Ferrell’s George W. Bush seems far more interested in deer antlers.