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Lorde Predicted Fall of Powerful Men in Hollywood Almost a Year Ago: ‘This Came True I Guess’

Grammy winner saw a ”storm coming“ back in January

Seth MacFarlane isn’t the only celebrity who saw a downfall coming for the powerful men in Hollywood that started with Harvey Weinstein.

Grammy winner Lorde predicted a “storm coming” back at the beginning of 2017, in regards to all those “old men in power.”

“These old men in power have a storm coming, the likes of which they cannot comprehend,” she tweeted on Jan. 29.



In hindsight, the tweet is creepily accurate, though the singer might have been imagining more political players getting in trouble than executives in Hollywood–he tweeted just days after Donald Trump was sworn in as president.

“This came true I guess,” Lorde tweeted on Wednesday, quoting her original tweet.

Even if she did have politicians in mind, it’s still true. Many men in politics–including Senator Al Franken and Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore–have been reckoning with accusations of sexual misconduct. And of course, POTUS has several accusations against him, too.

The storm did originate in Hollywood, though–perhaps it started with Bill Cosby, and gained momentum with Harvey Weinstein, which opened the flood gates. Dozens of men have been accused of sexual misconduct, spurring the #MeToo movement–a social movement large enough to win Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.”