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L.A. Dodgers Sue Fox Sports, Claim It Is Interfering With Team Sale (Updated)

Fox is trying to block the team from auctioning off its media rights, citing an existing regional sports network deal

The Los Angeles Dodgers sued broadcast partner Fox Sports Wednesday for allegedly interfering with the sale of the team.

The squad's complaint, filed in a Delaware court, centers around a cease and desist letter Fox sent to the firm the Dodgers hired to market their media rights.

Fox had earlier sued the team trying to block the sale of those same rights.

Fox has issued the following statement in response to the Dodgers' actions: "This is just the latest chapter in the current owner’s ongoing scheme to avoid honoring his contractual obligations.  The full truth of this unfortunate situation will soon become apparent to all.”

Earlier, Fox signed a lucrative regional sports rights deal to broadcast Dodgers games through 2013 with embattled team owner Frank McCourt.

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But Major League Baseball blocked that deal once McCourt entered into an expensive, messy divorce with ex-wife Jamie.

Bowing to pressure from fans and league commissioner Bud Selig earlier this month, McCourt agreed to sell the historic franchise. 

McCourt then asked the same Delaware court to let him auction off the media rights so he can sell the team for as much money as possible, infuriating Fox.

Fox then sent the letter because the Dodgers current contract gives Fox exclusive negotiating rights through Nov. 30 of 2012.

The Dodgers want to eliminate that part of the accord, claiming that Fox is trying to exercise control over the Dodgers.

The team wants to start selling the TV rights, which are to be sold separately from the team, as soon as possible.

Major League Baseball remains neutral for now.