750,000 People Attended LA Women’s March – and Zero Got Arrested

Police report not one arrest. Not a single one

Los Angeles Women's March zero arrests

Guys? Maybe women should be in charge of demonstrations from now on.

Up to 750,000 people marched through the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Saturday in one of the sister marches to the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

And not a single one of them was arrested, the Los Angeles Police Department told TheWrap. “We had zero arrests,” Officer Norma Eisenman said. “It was very peaceful, very family-oriented. We had lots of families out there.”

Eisenman added: “They looked happy. There were people out there who looked happy just to exercise their First Amendment rights.”

There was no official attendance count by the LAPD, which stopped keeping track after 100,000 people, she said. Organizers put the total at 750,000 people. A Wrap reporter at the march observed crowds of people of all backgrounds packed so tightly together that they could barely move in places — but heard no one say a single cross word, except in chants about the new president, Donald Trump.

Though Madonna spoke about blowing up the White House at the Washington march, that was just talk. The D.C. march and others across the country appeared to be as nonviolent as the one in Los Angeles.

Contrast that with the protests of Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday, in which more than 200 were arrested in San Francisco and Washington.

On Saturday, people channeled their anger into chants and signs, but it seemed like no one and nothing got hurt — except maybe Donald Trump’s feelings.