Los Angeles Times Cuts Freelancer Who Harassed Mike Cernovich on Twitter

“These actions violated those professional standards and we are ending our relationship with the freelancer,” says the paper

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The Los Angeles Times on Friday parted ways with freelancer Perry Fein, who sent conservative provocateur Mike Cernovich a profanity-laced direct message over Twitter.

“The direct message to Mike Cernovich was sent by a freelance writer who recently contributed to community publications owned by the Los Angeles Times. The Times requires freelancers to uphold the same standards of professionalism as members of the staff,” the Times said in a tweet.

“These actions violated those professional standards and we are ending our relationship with the freelancer.”

“I was a small-time journalist who made a mistake,” Fein said via email; the paper declined to comment first.

On Friday, Cernovich tweeted that he had received a direct message from Fein, which called him a “sack of s—” and expressed his hope for Cernovich’s execution “when Putin annexes the US.”

“You’re a scum of the earth traitor who is complicit in the subterfuge of our country,” Fein wrote, according to Cernovich. “I remember when conservatives used to have values. now you’re all a bunch of children who were taught that winning is everything. when Putin annexes the US I hope you’re the first against the wall you sack of s—”

As of Friday morning Fein’s Twitter account had been deactivated. He has spent four months contributing to the paper, according to his LinkedIn account.

“Action was taken and I am grateful to the LA Times for not tolerating this type of stuff,” said Cernovich, taking a victory lap. “As I’ve said, I won’t be naming the author and hope he moves forward from this, as we all make mistakes and in divided times need a pathway towards Redemption.”


It’s not the first time the lightning-rod Trump booster has wielded his considerable audience to exact a pound of flesh from a media company.

In December, MSNBC briefly cut ties with contributor Sam Seder after Cernovich dug up a Twitter post from Seder about Roman Polanski raping his daughter. Seder said the message was intended as a joke.

The company later reversed course, reinstating Seder after a massive public backlash to the decision.