‘Lost’ as ‘Baywatch,’ ‘CSI: Miami,’ ‘The Wonder Years’ and More (video)

Wacky fans of the hit ABC show can't stop spoofing their favorite show

Last Updated: September 26, 2012 @ 12:58 PM

Forget those Hitler rant videos the kiddies love so much. Our new favorite Internet meme: Fake "Lost" credits!

Actually, it's not so new: Folks have been remaking the "Lost" opening as a cheesy sitcom or some other classic show for years. But the latest one making the rounds — "Lost" as "Baywatch" — is pretty dang funny. Ditto a new video from the creator of "Lost: The Sitcom," which imagines "Lost" as a spinoff of "Gilmore Girls."

Check out our favorite "Lost" fake opens below, including a brilliant "Wonder Years" version, a trippy "Twilight Zone" take, "Lost: Miami" and even "Lost" as remade to be the Brit hit "Skins."

The Wonder Years

The Twilight Zone

The X- Files

The A-Team

CSI: Miami

The OC

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Rosseau Girls

Rousseau Girls (a Lost: The Sitcom! spinoff) from CinematicESP on Vimeo.