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‘Lost’ as ‘Baywatch,’ ‘CSI: Miami,’ ‘The Wonder Years’ and More (video)

Wacky fans of the hit ABC show can't stop spoofing their favorite show

Forget those Hitler rant videos the kiddies love so much. Our new favorite Internet meme: Fake "Lost" credits!

Actually, it's not so new: Folks have been remaking the "Lost" opening as a cheesy sitcom or some other classic show for years. But the latest one making the rounds — "Lost" as "Baywatch" — is pretty dang funny. Ditto a new video from the creator of "Lost: The Sitcom," which imagines "Lost" as a spinoff of "Gilmore Girls."

Check out our favorite "Lost" fake opens below, including a brilliant "Wonder Years" version, a trippy "Twilight Zone" take, "Lost: Miami" and even "Lost" as remade to be the Brit hit "Skins."

The Wonder Years

The Twilight Zone

The X- Files

The A-Team

CSI: Miami

The OC

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Rosseau Girls

Rousseau Girls (a Lost: The Sitcom! spinoff) from CinematicESP on Vimeo.